This form allows the activation of their account on the platform to students, having already managed their enrolments, and they are not able to enter to the platform yet.

The process is as follows:
  1. Complete the form, providing as much information as possible, with your official registration data.
    These data will be searched in the Management System of the UAM for authorization and verification of your official data.
  2. If your data are located and your account has not been already activated:
    1. Your account will be activated in coordination with the UAM identity manager.
    2. From that moment you may get access using:
      • 'Username': your official dentifier form the UAM, that usually is the same as your official ' email'
      • 'Password': the same you use to enter other services from the UAM
    3. You will also be able to directly access the courses in which you are officially enrolled.
Important notice:
  • The email must be the official from the UAM and be operational.
  • Student ID Number (NIA) is the official identification number that is assigned when registration is formalized in the Management Systems from the University. It must be a numeric value of 10 digits. If you do not know it, leave it blank.
  • In all cases, the values of these fields to be used for activation, will be the ones found in the management systems of the UAM.
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