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Activation of an official Student account

Use this option only if you are an 'official' student at the "Universidad Autónoma de Madrid", you have managed your official registration and you have got your user identifier and your email account from the UAM and both are operational.

Normally, your account in Moodle should have been created automatically and when you mannaged your enrolments.
In order to get access to the platform you have to use your official identfier from teh UAM. That is, the same username and password that you use to enter to the rest of the services from the UAM.

If you can not enter, use this procedure. That way you may confirm your details and activate your account on this Moodle platform.

Since that moment you will have direct access to the courses in which you are enrolled.

'Unofficial' students, or those who have not been able to manage their official registration, should contact their teacher or the support of Docencia en Red, at: docencia.red@uam.es.